Preparing to Visit Michaela

Curriculum Team Leader

Something strange happened a month or two before I was scheduled to visit Michaela. The confirmation had come through from my school that the cover was sorted and the train tickets were being booked. I did what any self-respecting teacher would do in that situation; I tweeted about it. After I’d done this, someone who I followed but who doesn’t follow me, told me – via Twitter – to stop encouraging them. Following this tweet, I was told that implicit in visiting Michaela was approval of all Tory policies, approval of grammar schools, approval of corporal punishment. A blog was linked which compared Michaela with UKIP as if this constituted proof or an argument. Interestingly, I had done my research. I try to read widely and have read more than a couple of critical blogs of Michaela. Blogs that weren’t as nonsensical as those tweets but expressed an…

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