Constantly asking children to think about their feelings

The Quirky Teacher

I don’t know if many educators have twigged a key difference between schooling today and many years ago is just how much we get primary-aged children to think about themselves and their feelings; the result is that everything ends up being questioned and analysed in their heads. As a relative ‘outsider’ to education, this seems really weird. Perhaps this is because my own upbringing was rather old-fashioned, but my childhood-self would’ve much preferred the status quo of doing as you are told and not really having much say in anything: it frees you up to think about numbers and imagining you’re living on your own island (well, a sibling or two was allowed) where all the animals could talk. I think if I were to be asked every 5 minutes how I felt about lessons, teachers, what I was wearing, what food I ate, what constitutes good behaviour and whether…

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