Best year and a half ever of ed writing? Hess, Willingham pile on.

A Total Ed Case

Not to turn this into ‘A Total Ed Book Case’ or anything, but I quickly have to recommend a couple more titles before I get back to the types of ed things I’m usually (if infrequently) ranting about. There’s just so much important stuff out at the moment that I can’t really help myself.

I’d go on at length about more of these releases, even, but getting around to posting is a little hard right now: The next researchED is ramping up, work — at Search Institute around student motivation and some independent PD/consulting/writing — has been hectic, my next book is in early stagesI have a kid graduating from high school, etc., etc.

That said, see these reviews I wish I’d have written (Bob Pondiscio on Mark Seidenberg’s Language at the Speed of Sight and Checker Finn on  E.D. Hirsch’s Why Knowledge Matters)…

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