A yearly test? Bring it.

The Quirky Teacher

Right, a very small number of primary schools are seeing the evidence-based light and switching to knowledge-based curricula; hopefully this trend will continue and then we will be rid of this ‘Let the kids bumble their way through life not really learning, so long as they’re happy doing things that interest them’ nonsense once and for all. We’ve also got good things happening in maths and English (eg. phonics, proper SPG lessons, practice of standard algorithms and learning maths facts off by heart) in those schools where management are similarly enlightened.

taking-a-test A no-fuss test

It’s time to start thinking about some kind of simple, yearly national test. What would it look like and what would it test? First off, it would be MCQ style which is easier to mark (use the technology!) and could also test for misconceptions at the same time. All the children would need is a…

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