The Problem with, “What are you doing about it”?


boom.CUE,VOICE OVER OF DAVID ATTENBOROUGH: And so the dance of the GCSE coursework begins, The over zealous member of SLT closely watched by the silver-back Head is circling the lowly classroom teacher beating her chest with clenched fists, in a display of Image result for david attenboroughpower and superiority…

Blessed with the patience of a saint said my mother.  Not altogether true. I have an horrific temper, however I learned very early on that if I did not find a way to bury the red monster inside of me, that most likely my future would consist of four walls, a stainless steel throne and standing with my back to the wall in the showers.

What are you doing about it…..

In most schools in which I have worked, nothing grinds my gears quite like this Gear, Cog, Machine, Cogwheel, Mechanism, Industrialphrase.  Seems innocuous enough, “whats the problem” I hear you say?   The truth is though, that…

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