When maths practice doesn’t add up

The Quirky Teacher

As twitter was a-buzz with Michaela quotes, something caught my eye this morning:

Practice I wonder if any other school adopts this view?

I have, of course, written before about the issue of practice and how I feel that many teachers are unaware of what it takes to fully commit maths facts and procedures to memory, or to elucidate whatever pattern has been embedded in a carefully curated session of intelligent practice. This is perhaps because most primary teachers don’t even have A-level maths, let alone a degree in the subject (or a degree that uses a lot of maths).

Anyway, perhaps you’d like to join me on a little thought exercise about your lowest and highest achievers? Do the lowest achievers really have discalculia or some other SEN? Let’s do some rough maths for LKS2, concentrating on lessons involving calculations rather than recalling shape facts for example (and it really…

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