Throwaway culture in schools helps to produce the next generation of consumers

The Quirky Teacher

This week, the number of teenage males living in my house temporarily doubled. In addition to the loo-seat always being up, I found that the sheer amount of food packaging waste generated was really quite concerning and I couldn’t help but shift my home ‘planning’ so that meals were thought about in advance and every purchase was about buying in bulk, cheaply and with minimal packaging. I quite enjoyed the resulting efficiency which included making more of an effort to get these teenagers to pitch in with family meal time prep and clear-up as well as the inevitable crack-down on leaving food on the plate (intuitively, I instigated zero-tolerance on that one). Part of the process of slightly evolving my thinking was down to the fact that I simply could not afford, despite caring very much about every individual in the house, to pander to individual preferences or allow everyone…

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