An Objection To Learning Objectives

The Girl On The Piccadilly Line

learning objective

When you first become a teacher it’s very hard to know if what you’ve been told in your training is actually best practice or just the latest in a long list of trends to hit the teaching profession. Over the years schools all over the country have enthusiastically embraced (and later discarded): Learning Styles, Brain Gym, formal planning templates, graded lesson observations and the belief that children can only learn if they’re endlessly sipping water.

If the rumblings on edu-Twitter are to be believed then Learning Objectives will be the next thing to go and I for one am delighted at this news. Learning objectives have become an entire industry: you can attend courses dedicated to writing objectives, you can buy in objective creating software for your school and Pinterest is full of hundreds of creative ways to display objectives in your classroom. People have made entire careers out of writing about learning objectives and…

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