Questions I ask myself when putting together an assessment [a two minute read]

RGS Learning

[by Phil Heath, Head of Biology]

Having just completed a course that qualifies me as an assessment lead (make of that what you will!), I thought it might be worth setting out some simple questions that I (should) now ask myself before assessing students. The idea is for you to comment or to criticise as you see fit.

  1. What is the purpose of the assessment? The answer that usually springs to mind is “to find out if they know x or understand y”. Not always though. Some other reasons to assess that I can think of are:
  • To make them revisit some work and revise it.
  • To make them recall so that they remember something better long term.
  • To prepare students for public exams.
  • To generate information for next year/term.
  • To see if they have understood a particular topic or concept.
  • To inform my future planning.
  • To inform how I…

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