Oh, oh mindset? Association between academic achievement/mindset might be weaker than previously thought

From experience to meaning...

I found this new study published in Personality and Individual Differences via Tommy Opgenhaffen and to my opinion it’s not a nail in the coffin of mindset-theory imho, but it does warrant for some precaution.

What does the new research say in short:

  • They measured the mindset of 5653 university applicants taking a scholastic aptitude test.
  • Growth mindset was not positively associated with results of the test.
  • Mindset did not predict change of the results for those who retook the test.
  • Mindset did not predict participation in a future administration of the test.
  • Mindset did not predict the total number of tests taken.

Why am I not saying that this debunks the mindset-theory? Well, because it’s a precise group of respondents, maybe mindset still works for younger children?

Abstract of the study:

Implicit theories of intelligence have been proposed to predict a large number of different outcomes in education…

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