Tuition fees and U.K. politics 

Filling the pail

The U.K election result defied expectations. I did not predict how well the Labour Party would do. I thought there would be a Conservative landslide and, instead, they lost seats.

Conventional wisdom holds that elections are won from the centre. But when you have a fox-hunting, grammar school opening, hard Brexit Conservative Party up against the most socialist incarnation of the Labour Party seen in forty years, the centre exists only in minor parties. And they took a drubbing for a variety of reasons unique to each of them.

Jeremy Corbyn is not a great Labour leader. Any competent, moderate alternative would have won the election. On the other hand, Teresa May would not have called an election against a competent, moderate Labour leader so the point is moot. Corbyn’s is a massive achievement; a political earthquake that we should all pay attention to.

And I agree with a number…

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