Literature Revision and the Art of Giving Spoilers


As a linguistics graduate, I’ve had to work hard trying to catch up with the wealth of literature subject knowledge most of my colleagues possess. Luckily for me, when I ask about an interpretation of a poem, or a movement in English Literature, they are happy to tell me what they think. Sometimes they share factual, historical information, sometimes an interpretation, sometimes they other a reading recommendation. All are pretty helpful.

If they wanted to be less helpful, they’d probably respond to my earnest pleas for information with simply another question. This might be what quirky teacher refers to as an ‘endlessly frustrating question’: one which is posed by a teacher when they could simply provide the answer in a more explicit way. Now if I put myself in the shoes of my students, wading their way through the murky ocean of literature texts and interpretations, it’s no wonder they sometimes feel a little lost at…

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