Killing creativity

Georges Simplon

Some thoughts on the arts…

Do schools kill creativity?” asks Sir Ken, among others.

Yes, I think that in a lot of cases, they do.  But how exactly?  Rote-learning, boring lessons, mindless conformity?

And  compared to what?  Were human beings really more creative before education?  Are people who don’t go to school more creative than those that do?  Perhaps it’s compared to pre-schoolers.  See those drawings of monsters that they do?  Such imagination!  See them sitting in a box pretending they’re flying to the moon?  You don’t see teenagers doing that do you?

Facetiousness aside, I do accept that some (perhaps most) children in my school are much less creative than they could be.  And here are some reasons:

  • Peer pressure – it’s hard for teenagers to admit they like things outside what is socially ‘normal’. Even in the 21st Century, a boy practising his ballet moves…

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