Elections – a new form of censorship?

Thoughts and ideas from a maths teacher

We have entered a time that normally only happens every 5 years – General Election time.  This should be a time that all people who are entitled to vote get excited and look forward to exercising their democratic right to shape the next 5 years.  It is also a time that I dread because it brings out the worst in some people.

I consider myself a pretty centre-ground person.  I believe in small government and lower taxes, but I also believe in social justice where the most vulnerable in our society are helped by those who can afford to.  I believe in hard work, and people taking responsibility for their own lives. I believe in charity where it is needed, but I don’t believe that money is the solution to all the worlds’ problems.  I believe that we need strong businesses that are socially responsible, and entrepreneurs to help grow…

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