School, what is it good for? A great deal.


What is the purpose of school? To what end are we educating our children? What is our role as a teacher and how will that role continue to develop?

It is an on-going conversation and one that will become increasingly prominent as the world of work continues to change at a rate of knots. I read Caitlin Moran’s most recent submission in The Times this weekend with great interest as yet another member of the printed press weighed in with their rather skewed take on some of the questions above. I cannot speak for Moran’s research and preparation for the article, but my assumption is that it was based entirely on her own school days and her experiences thereafter.

Carl Hendrick followed this piece with his excellent blog post stating: ‘Education is an end in itself not a preparation for the workplace’. Carl’s rather eloquent description of ‘TED-talk* bingo’ and a

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