Play is great, except when it isn’t.

The Quirky Teacher

So, Tom Bennett and Tim Taylor have recently written about the use of ‘play’ as a medium for learning in the classroom and I thought I’d wade in. Tom’s position was that play is great for rehearsing what is already known by that child at the time, or for experimenting with everyday knowledge (like: sand falls through your hands), but not for learning how to read, for example; these things need to be taught and require that children concentrate, practise and generally work hard (which children don’t want to do). Tim’s position was that if the teacher is involved in playing, then they can ‘nudge’ the play towards discovery learning, that play is hard work anyway and that we should be prioritising making children’s learning experiences interesting and engaging (rather than boring ‘straight’ lessons) which means elevating play as a medium for learning in the classroom.

I’d like to bat the ball back…

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