You’re wrong!

You and I may agree about one thing yet disagree about another. That, in itself, should be uncontroversial enough. That, for some, it isn’t demonstrates to me the weakness of their arguments. My frustration at another’s inability to at least agree on our disagreements without tumbling into verbal scrummage lends energy to both oppositional elements and cheering, jeering onlookers, popping cheerleader popcorn from the safety of the armchair. Debate is often healthy, but sadly pointless if one side is not willing, or able, to listen: I’ve changed my mind on many things at which a 19 year-old me might now grimace. But I’ve done so in the face of reason. And I am still, at bleeding-heart, a liberal lefty, whatever that actually means.

Undoubtedly it is hard to change one’s beliefs in the face of what appears to be another’s subjective reality: Tories are #dicks, Corbynistas are demented and fans of Farron…

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