Core Knowledge for EYFS reception year

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Hardly anyone read my previous post about how EYFS assessment labels children able/less able when ‘ability’ really means ‘degree of parental input’. The most serious concern here is that disadvantaged children are labelled ‘less able’ when they really don’t have as much input from their first teacher (the parent) and then they go on to have that disadvantage entrenched because the rhetoric of EYFS ‘teaching’ is to brand them ‘not ready’. Are secondary educators even aware that EYFS actually allows disadvantaged children to fall behind, thus setting up every single teacher that follows with a requirement to differentiate massively? Despite this lack of awareness and interest, I’m still going to march on with the next post which is a collation of ideas and thoughts about how I would give disadvantaged children a leg up right from the start of their school career by:

a) getting parents more involved

b) mitigating lack of…

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