Teachers: don’t write for the T*S


You write a blog. It’s maybe controversial, perhaps funny, certainly topical. It attracts a few more hits than normal, probably because you’ve put ‘marking’, ‘Ofsted’, ‘learning styles’ or ‘Tory’ in the title. It’s deliberate clickbait, and you know it – or you do now – but it’s your clickbait. Hit bait. Count ’em up.

And then comes the message: Hi, can we DM you about something?

Oooh, it’s the T*S! Look, the international education magazine wants to ask little old you about whatever. Could it be the blog? The DM follows. It is about the blog! They want to repost it on their site! World fame, a book deal and a rocketing of Twitter followers awaits.

Your piece is published. There it is, your name, on the site. Take a screenshot and put it on Facebook so mum and dad can see how you’ve now made it. Can you now…

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