Will there be an epidemic of back problems (and terrible pen hold) in the future?

The Quirky Teacher

We don’t do ‘lining up’ (I think we should) in our school, nor do we have any kind of policy on deportment. Most primary teachers, however, instinctively remind children to sit up straight when they are listening to the teacher or during assemblies for example. However, there is one ubiquitous practice that seems to undermine all attempts to get children to develop the healthy habit of good posture and that is carpet time. If you are a secondary teacher reading this (good! I like to bridge that gap) then let me explain carpet time.

  1. It’s usually at the start of a lesson and children come and sit in a fixed place in front of the teacher on the carpet for the input
  2. Said children will grab a mini whiteboard and whiteboard pen
  3. For the starter and at frequent intervals during the input, the children will be required to demonstrate their…

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