Surgeon General’s Warning: Wielding a Smoking Gun is Bad for Education

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This is going to be ranty blogpost. You have been warned!!

This week I read (and largely welcomed the findings of) the Social Mobility Commission’s report into ‘Low income pupils’ progress at secondary school’ (link here). As a Headteacher of a school in an area that serves a large number of students from low income backgrounds who himself came from a low income background, why wouldn’t I?

The report, jointly constructed by authors from LKMco and Education Datalab, two organisations for which I have a very high regard, is largely excellent and – apart from the caveats that inform this post – required reading in my opinion.

So, “where’s the rant?” my knowing authorial voice hears you say? It is to do with the methodology employed by the report’s authors or, more importantly, how this methodology plays out in the write-up of its findings. The authors explain…


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