Perhaps some children are just too tired for your amazing Science lesson

The Quirky Teacher

I’m trying to move house at the moment which is quite stressful. It doesn’t help that the whole prospect of thinking about housing reminds me constantly of that time when I was 18 and living in a hostel, having to concede defeat by becoming acquainted with the new reality that I wouldn’t be going to university; my A level grades tanked following months of having to work late into the night after college to support myself (I’ve written about this before and you’d be surprised at the number of callous comments from educators I get over this), plus I just couldn’t afford to go really. This blogpost is about how educators see childhood through the prism of their own experiences, not thinking about how certain lesson types might actually be detrimental to disadvantaged children.

Anyway, I was sporting a temporarily furrowed brow recently (after the children had done home) and a…

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