Is there a second identity available for a child to step into?

The Quirky Teacher

I’ve been reading ‘Much Promise. Successful Schools in England‘ by Barnaby Lenon on and off for a while now, but I had glossed over a section about school personality, thinking that I had already internalised the main message that schools need to provide an academic atmosphere, encouraging aspiration and hard work as well as having a ‘brand’ as it were that makes them different from all the rest. It wasn’t until I saw a series of programs from the BBC archives about young recruits to the Parachute Regiment of the army that I started thinking about motivation for young boys in particular and how schools’ personalities may or may not be influential enough. Here we had very young men, many of whom had pretty much failed academically; they were seeking more than the security of regular pay, rather they were more eager to see ‘action’. It occurred to me…

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