Reclaiming Learning Objectives


I’ve been wanting to write a blog about learning objectives for some time.  Whilst I think they can be a useful tool for teachers and students, they can easily be done badly. Certainly within English, they are prone to the type of genericism that undermines any shred of usefulness. There’s also no doubt that learning objectives have been complicit in the evolution lot of edu-nonsense, as Matt Pinkett discusses excellently in his recent blog.

What I’d like to argue is that if you wade through the swamp, learning objectives are, in essence, a useful idea. The problem we have in education is that often any kernel of usefulness is overwhelmed by the corrupting force of fads and trends. For the rest of this post I’ll explore some of these corrupting factors and suggest how they can be overcome.

The lesson as a unit of time.

Bodil Isaksen’s blog ‘A lesson is the wrong unit of…

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