How to persuade those of us who are not instinctively anti-grammar

To Miss with Love

UnknownI have no problem with selection. I do not have an instinctive aversion to grammar schools. I do think that the current school system is failing our children. And I do think that something radical must be done to save it (and the country).  I also believe that the school system of the 1950s was not failing the country and I do absolutely believe that we have been on a downward slope ever since.

So I really should agree with Peter Hitchens’ (@ClarkeMicah) position on grammar schools.

Except that I don’t.

And despite having had a long to and fro with him on Twitter last weekend, I am still not convinced of his pro-grammar stance. 140 characters just aren’t enough.

For those of us who believe that there are pros and cons in this debate, but are still anti-grammar, I think there are two issues for us.

  1. We are not convinced that the…

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