Cognitive load of rubbish?

Filling the pail

I recently wrote a post on how knowledge of cognitive load theory (CLT) has changed my practice as a teacher. It was shared quite widely. I tend to attractcritics of CLT and I think this is healthy. It is a relatively new theory and a reasonable and measured response is to take its finding provisionally. My own view of CLT is that the empirical studies are pretty robust but the theory is still under development.

When one fairly high profile personshared my post, Dr Sandra Leaton Gray responded on Twitter with some pointed criticism of CLT:

These criticisms immediately struck me as odd for two reasons. Firstly, CLT originated in Australia before a number of researchers from the Netherlands got hold of it. I wasn’t aware of many U.S. sources on the theory and had been under the impression that the U.S. was largely uninterested in it. And I seemed…

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