Stand still

Being light on my feet has its advantages: tigers, trucks and tyrannosauruses alike tend to trip awkwardly when trying to trap me in their teeth, tyres and tiny talons. I simply skip away. Being light on my feet in the classroom, however, is perhaps a disadvantage.

Like many, I pace when I talk. I get excited, and I just can’t hide it. But there’s little worse, I think, than watching an orator pace unnecessarily. It’s distracting, and implies a lack of confidence, a confidence to just stand still and address one’s audience squarely. Just as when we talk with purpose, so too we should move with purpose.

I’ve worked really hard to stand definitely: if a pupil front right is talking, I move front-left so I can see the whole class; if I’m explaining I stand front and centre as the focus; if we’re discussing an idea on the board I…

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