£2 for your integrity


Wow. Only £2 for a Final Solution word search. Could it be true? Yes. After a quick, soul-destroying word search search I found these bad boys.

At last, a Bin Laden word search!

Who wouldn’t want to start their Topical Tuesdays tutorial activity with a Syrian Civil War word search?

What I particularly like about this one is the image of the Klan member at the top. In my best Homer Simpson drool-voice: Mmmm, appropriate.

Clearly this is the Bin Laden extension activity.

This is, as the author states, ‘designed for the new AQA A level’. A level. FFS.

“Oh look, there’s Anne Frank, from that film we watched with the girl from Game of Thrones in it. And the guy from Taken!’

Why read Miller when you can take…

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