Grammar Schools – a reply to Katherine Birbalsingh


Katherine wrote a reply to a piece I wrote on grammar schools . This is my response.

Hi Katherine, I think you would struggle to get more than a wafer between our positions in practical terms. While I am proud to be paired with Scruton I don’t think we should be reserving all the cleverest teachers for the brightest children. I am not in the game ‘just’ to pass on knowledge either.

As I outline in my original piece:

‘I am actually staking my career on the possibility that we CAN create that intellectual ethos that will stretch the most able in MORE schools than there will EVER be grammars. I think it should be possible to create that ‘critical mass’ within most schools if we prioritise it. I am hoping that changes in teacher recruitment, curriculum and a rejection of progressive pedagogy will be enough to create intellectually buzzing environments…

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