Why marking Pupil Premium books first is misguided


I’ve blogged before on how I dislike people talking about groups of children in sweeping generalisations. Pupil premium is a special case as it attracts money. Money makes people do odd things. One thing that seems to have been suggested by someone and then spread throughout schools is marking pupil premium books first.

I personally find the premise behind this ‘strategy’ at best misguided and illogical and at worst discriminatory and unprofessional.

The premise/s they have used to support it are:

Mark PP student books first because you will:

  • Be more awake
  • The lesson will be more fresh in your mind
  • Focus more on them than non-PP
  • Spend more time on them
  • Give more detailed feedback
  • It will be your ‘best’ marking
  • You will have a better attention span
  • It keeps vulnerable students in your mind

The DfE states that:

PPG provides funding for two policies:

  • raising the attainment of…

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