The solution to a post-truth world

Filling the pail

I’m not a fan of the term ‘fake news’, mostly because the American president keeps using it to refer to… er… news. But I do recognise the broader post-truth phenomenon.

And I have to ask all those academics who are now wringing their hands about it: what exactly did you think would happen?

Because the best cure for post-truth is truth; objective knowledge of the world. Yes, it is hard to find. Concepts get overturned. New research expands the boundaries of what is known and provides new insights. But I don’t think the Earth will stop going around the Sun any time soon or that Julia Gillard will, at some point, stop being the first ever female Prime Minister of Australia.

Yet academia has spent the past fifty years rubbishing the concept of truth; of knowledge. It is as if butchers had decided to devalue the concept of meat or sailors to…

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