5 principles of education

Filling the pail


I write a lot about teaching methods and research, yet I recently argued that educational progressivism is not actually a set of methods as much as it is a set of principles. I reject progressivism and so what are my alternative principles? I’ve had a go at drafting them. See what you think.

1. Civilisation is fragile and education sustains it

We live in a unique period of human history where large numbers of people are able to live relatively safe and healthy lives, free from a daily battle for survival. Yet civilisation is constantly under threat from climate change, extreme ideologies and war. Education is the means by which we sustain civilisation and so it is the highest possible calling. Without it, there would be no doctors, no lawyers and no written constitutions to hold despots in check.

2. Education is for all

For much of history, literacy has been…

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