So I found myself in a little bother recently over a post I wrote about Peanut Toast, the in-some-circles much heralded, whilst in others much derided, new foodstuff from the eponymously named Peanut Toast Co. I’ve since deleted the post due to the aggravation it caused, but I’d like to review it below.

There have been a fair few discussions about Peanut Toast on Twitter, with both criticism and praise heaped upon the product and company. One, admittedly less than catchy, advert in particular stirred the hornet’s nest:

“Peanut Toast is a healthier alternative to other toast. We need a breakfast revolution. Join us!”

A few bloggers, and one in particular, took issue with the Toast.

“I won’t name the company or product, but there is a new breakfast out there – yes, that one – which claims its toast, made largely from peanuts, is better than other breakfasts. But…

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