The Ministry of Silly Hats

Filling the pail

I noticed some discussion recently about Edward De Bono’s silly thinking hats. So I thought it might be worth re-posting this old piece that first appeared on the websofsubstance blog back in September 2013. Apologies for the fact that I’ve since reused the voice projection anecdote on this blog.

When I was a young pup, during my first year of teaching, I had to attend a special training session each week with the other young pups and our professional tutor. One week, this session was led by a drama teacher and the subject was the proper projection of the voice. We were all stood in a line and asked to say the word, “Now,” in turn. Apparently, we were to do this from our stomachs – which oddly seemed to be located in our intestines – and not from our throats. I failed. So, the instructor asked me to jog…

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