Learning by rote doesn’t mean not understanding


Does anyone actually teach decontextualised facts? I’ve made this argument previously, but it seems to be popping up again, with Heather Leatt’s response to an article in the T*S prompting yet more immature thinking on the matter.

The argument seems to go something like this: I can teach children to remember twenty quotes from Romeo and Juliet, but that doesn’t mean they understand the play. Well of course not, but who actually does this? Who’s advocating it? Seriously!

Even the most Gradgrindian, paid-up member of #TeamTrad™ doesn’t force thirty, doe-eyed eleven year-olds to repeat random facts for hours on bloody-end. This isn’t reality. It isn’t even parody. No-one does this.

When I quiz Y7 on the key people in this unit on…

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