‘A Mountain of Words’, Emma Young, New Scientist, 11th February 2017 pp. 34-37. Part 2: Reading in print vs reading from a screen


Last week I discussed what this article had to say about speed reading.  This week, I am going to discuss what it has to say about reading in print as opposed to reading from a screen.  This is a subject about which I have written before,  a post also inspired by a New Scientist article. My earlier blog on this subject can be found here.

The technology industry is keen to convince us all that reading digitally is something we should encourage.  It’s the modern way, they tell us, and it’s so much more appealing to young readers.  Even this is questionable, with research showing that when reading for ‘study purposes’ people prefer physical documents to digital ones.  Anne Mangen, of the University of Starvanger in Norway, counsels caution about the rush to digital for another reason.  Research in which she has been involved suggests that if you give…

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