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The following was originally posted on the websofsubstance blog in October 2014:

The Beautiful Risk of Education by Gert Biesta doesn’t start well but it does detail in its opening chapter an interesting elaboration of one of the central ideas of progressive education. And it details it at length. I therefore think it is worth some discussion.

Firstly, I would like to say that I share some of Biesta’s views. I agree that the OECD and similar organisations see education as something akin to a machine for producing measurable outcomes. Where outcomes such as PISA rankings become the only concern of education, as opposed to being used as an interesting proxy for the true concerns of education, then we have a problem. Where education is seen in purely utilitarian, economic terms then we have a problem. However, it is not necessary to choose here. A good education is likely to give us both high PISA scores…

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