What would you do differently next time?


You gave pupils, in pairs, envelopes with four pieces of paper in each.

Yes, I wanted them to develop their team working skills.

Ok. How did that help?

They … well, they had to take out the piece of paper, and, er …

That helped to develop team working skills?

Yeah. Yes. That was the idea.

Right, and how long did that take them? Was there discussion about who would open the envelopes first? Did they have to come up with a plan?

No, not really. I guess they just opened, um, …

Opened the envelopes?


Yeah. And on a scale of 1-10, 10 being brilliant, how well did that work?

Well, not well, I guess, but you’ve atomised it a bit. The way you’ve framed them opening the envelopes, rather than the whole task, well it makes it sound silly.

Opening envelopes to develop teamwork sounds silly.


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