Football Manager Syndrome: FFS! or DSS?

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Perhaps one of the most pervasive myths around school leadership at the moment is what school leaders like to call Football Manager Syndrome (FMS for the remainder of this post). I wasn’t at the ASCL conference but I’m guessing that the words rang out on numerous occasions over the duration of the weekend.

The myth, as is the way of myths, has some resonance with a truth in education: that the position of Headteacher has become less assured and more threatened under the increasingly high stakes accountability regime for schools and colleges. This much I get, even though most of the bottom lines within the school that employs me as a Head are good or better. I get it on an almost daily basis when looking at the risks sneaking up at me (in reality, at us) from all angles, be they budgetary, behavioural, parental, inspectorial, safeguardingy and, lest we…

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