Behaviour: what can primary schools do?

The Quirky Teacher

Primary leaders should take responsibility rather than leave it all to class teachers.

Secondary teachers, how would you like to teach your bottom set for every lesson, every day, all week and for a whole year? This is the lot of some primary teachers up and down the country. Often, this will include break and lunchtime if the weather is shite.

I’ve written often about behaviour and you all know that I am a big believer in teaching children self-control through routine, high expectations and clear boundaries. This is especially important for those disadvantaged children who not only rock up to school with poor vocabulary and world knowledge, but also have a lack of self-control (look at your SEN table during English and Maths lessons and compare it to the other tables: which is the messiest?) and ability to organise. What’s also interesting is that my current reading journey into Confucianism and…

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