The case of the disappearing TA

The Quirky Teacher

Simultaneously taking on the role of the parent and going all-out with inquiry-based learning is too resource-intensive in these straightened times. 

I have the ‘least’ TA now in the school (down to a few partial mornings a week) and am fully prepared to be sans TA at some point. This is despite the fact that we have some children in my class who have substantial needs, one of whom is pretty much one-to-one (and we are pursuing a statement). How do I cope? It’s like I’m teaching multiple classes, but the ones who are not on IEPs but are still quite low achieving really do lose out; there just isn’t enough of me to go round, particularly if I’m mainly with the very neediest children. Secondary educators might bang on about inclusivity, but I’d like them to try spending nearly 30 hours a week teaching a junior year group but always having…

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