How to get through a lot of content

But these new exams have so much content, I just don’t know how we’re going to get through it all.

This is something I haven’t moaned about in years, and it’s largely down to what I value and thus how I teach. When we’re not wasting time with gimmicks and generic, but funky, formative assessment frameworks, we can hopefully focus on the subject itself, but even then, due to our accumulated years of “Oh, but I already have a lesson on that”, we don’t always get to the heart of the issue. I wonder if that is partly the result of our sometimes poor subject knowledge (it has been for me in the past), as well as a lack of confidence in just talking to children. There’s also, often, a discomfort with the notion of repetition, as if that will be boring and, weirdly, repetitive; that keeping children

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