Why is teacher education doing such a bad job?

Filling the pail

I recently discovered a new Aussie blogger named Anthony Sibillin. Pleased as I am that a new voice has joined the community, I am dismayed by what he had to say about his recent experience of teacher education.

Anthony was not taught anything much about classroom management. And when it came to the teaching of reading:

“Reading was mentioned, of course, but more as a sort of a mysterious bug that children caught through “language experiences” (a.k.a. being read to), “visual cues” (looking at pictures) and “reading strategies” (like using the first and last letter of a word to “predict” what it says).”

This is twelve years afterthe Australian government report on the most effective way to teach reading recommended an explicit approach that uses systematic synthetic phonics.

And the teaching of reading is pretty basic. By ‘basic’ I mean fundamental to future academic performance. If kids don’t learn…

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