Simplicity: writing the story yourself

A couple of years ago I wrote this on Staffrm about rewriting the story:
I rewrite texts myself for particular classes. From introductions to topics to in-depth analyses of data, I rewrite in a way that is both academic but also my-student-friendly. After all, I know my students. I know what they can and can’t yet do and so need to push them at a pace that is appropriate. Textbooks so often have their own theme or even plot that gets in the way of the actual history. That’s what I’ve found, anyway.

When rewriting I follow a few simple rules.

  1. Push new terminology, explain and repeat often.
  2. Be consistent when deploying dates and names.
  3. Write maximum two A4 pages in a consistent style and format.
  4. Have a set of questions, open and closed, to ask afterwards. This sounds obvious, but it’s not to just check understanding. I also need…

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