Michael Anderson’s Crystal Ball

Filling the pail

In an article for the Sydney Morning Herald, Michael Anderson, Professor of Education at The University of Sydney, stares into his crystal ball and asks, “How can we prepare kids for a coming world where almost half of jobs will be displaced by technology?”

His answer will be familiar to all those who know current education cliches: We must focus on the 4 Cs of, “creativity, critical reflection, collaboration and communication,” Some schools are already doing this and they are great:

“In these classrooms students are more engaged, they learn the skills of the 4Cs through experience: they are interdisciplinary rather than siloed in their learning and thinking. This change does not happen quickly. It is slow and sometimes difficult. Where it does work the whole school community commits resources and energy to the task of transformation. They have made these hard decisions because they appreciate the gravity of school relevance…

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