Challenging knowledge

I’ve written previously about the great issue of challenge in our classrooms, arguing there are many ways to increase challenge but that just making the work more difficult is not enough. Indeed, it’s potentially confusing. Liminality might be something we wish to encourage, but doing so without grounding in a subject, whether its substantive or disciplinary knowledge, might limit thinking, if not overload the thirty brains sat before us. I said previously that challenge is situational and contextual, and that it’s being faced with something that requires great effort in order to be successful. I gave some practical tips as to how we might go about this, as just telling a teacher to make the work more challenging is like telling a pupil to just write better. In this post I want to outline how I’m attempting to make the topic of the 1381 Peasants’ Revolt more challenging for Y7.

The enquiry question…

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