Spotting the wolf in sheep’s clothing

The Quirky Teacher

An article about the future of education, which was published this morning in the Guardian, found its way to my timeline. It seemed innocent enough and there were a few words and phrases in there that appealed to my trad-teacher brain. Surely this lovely message should appeal, rather than make me worried? However, something didn’t seem right, even though influential people were nodding and re-tweeting on twitter. So, I thought I’d try to turn to my note taking skills in order to try and smoke out the real message. Perhaps you can see what I can see when you read my notes which follow the trial of the original article:

  1. War affects many millions of civilians; war is horrible
  2. Especially when recounted by a 12 yo girl called Ava to 200 adults
  3. Everybody agrees we need to let in more Syrian refugees
  4. Ava is able to make people emotional and…

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