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The Grumpy Teacher

This was retweeted into my timeline this morning.

It wound me up.

Now I don’t normally like accusations of ‘virtue-signalling.’ Especially online, it seems to bear the characteristics of one of those irregular verbs as defined by Yes, Minister: I am boosting the profile of a worthy cause; you are flooding my timeline with politics; he is boasting about how morally superior he is.

Of course when I ‘heart’ something I’m doing it because I want the author to know that his endeavours have not been in vain; that I, at least, appreciate what he’s saying. Of course when you retweet someone it’s because you want your followers to know that you are on Team Brexit, or Team Gary Lineker, or whoever. And of course when he retweets someone it’s intended to demonstrate that while he’s actually just sitting at home with his double mocha choca skinny latté macchiato, he…

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