Alt-right canon

Why do we teach British, and often specifically English, history? Obviously, it’s because we’re mindlessly fulfilling our duties as Theresa May’s street sweepers, right? We’re brushing the dirt into the corner so that the shiny, colonial floor might be revealed to one and all. So shiny, in fact, that we (and by ‘we’ I mean, of course, the plebs) see the OK! magazine, ‘shopped version of ourselves, complete with 50″ TV, iPhone, Pandora jewels and financed-Honda reflected unto our bedazzled eyes, whilst simultaneously – and deliberately – failing to notice that the roof is falling in. Because, in reality, isn’t that why we teach the canon, to bask in the rosy light of the fires ripping though our homes, so we can thank our lizard overlords for their generous austerity, choosing – as we do – to democratically vote ourselves out of existence, importance and consciousness?

But, as Christine Counsell…

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