What is it about tests that causes such angst?

The Quirky Teacher

In yesterday’s post, I discussed a proposal that parents could do with more information about regular tests taking place at their child’s school. This is because parents I know want to be more proactive in their child’s academic life. However, the subject is so emotive on both sides. Firstly, there is a cost and workload implications for teachers and secondly, there is the usual, ‘But I just want my child to be happy’ retort from some parents and educationalists that eschews all tests full stop, never mind the prospect of raw data making its way into parents’ hands. I spoke to another Dad about my blog post yesterday and he said that one problem with this debate is that comments are dominated by the louder, media savvy and more articulate middle class parents (accompanied by a picture of a child holding a seashell) whereas the majority of parents, perhaps more…

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